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Despite strong opposition from within the photographic industry, this wedding photographer set out to provide a service that gave couples what they want!

When David Adams, who is based in Fleet in Hampshire, was made redundant from ‘The Mirror’ national newspaper in 2008, he decided to take up wedding photography full time, and after doing some extensive customer research, he couldn’t quite believe the advice he was getting from within his own industries so called ‘experts’. He was told “Make sure you don’t give the couples the images on a CD that they can print themselves and make sure you pre-sell them an expensive wedding album with as many prints in it as you can!”

He couldn’t quite believe what he was hearing as it was totally at odds from what his research and what his customers were telling him they wanted. “If you start giving them a printable CD” he was told “that’s the end of the wedding photographic business, we’ll all go out of business”. However David’s previous experience in marketing, customer care, sales and business development told him what the real answer was; that there wouldn’t be a wedding industry long term if you don’t give the customer what they want!

“You can’t fight market forces” David says, “so eventually someone is going to come along and give the customers exactly what they want, and I think with the current economic climate as it is, now is the perfect time to do it - so I’ve created a service where I can give couples exactly what they want at a price they value”

When David asked the couples what they wanted, it was clear things had moved on from the traditional approach of expensive photo albums and prints and that digital photos from weddings were being shared and viewed in very different ways. As David says “There is so much more awareness of what people can do with digital images now and photographers were understandably being protective of what they saw as their main asset. Couples wanted modern new photo books that are low cost but high quality ‘coffee table’ style books, they wanted to share their photos on-line as soon as after the wedding as possible and they wanted to have a DVD slideshow with their own music taste to pass around to friends and family. Most importantly they wanted all the images on a CD so they could print and share them around – and if they wanted to; make their own photo books or do their own DVD slideshows.” David then decided to embrace the advantages digital was giving him for the benefit of his customers by offering services customers would really value.

Having been involved in the photography industry and as the imaging expert for a large blue chip company and worked closely with photographers for the last 10 years he’d seen the best and the worst of what professional wedding photographers had to offer, for example, how long it took them to make the photos available for the couple to see. David says “Some photographers I have worked with have taken up 6 weeks before the photos are ready! My brother had to wait 4 months before he got his photos! That was OK when the couple would go off on honeymoon without a thought of how soon they would see their images - but the Internet has made everyone hungry to see things straight away, and wedding photography is no different.”

David came to the conclusion after further research on other photographers wedding services and he found most wedding photographers websites made it incredibly difficult to work out what exactly you were getting and when you did work it out, that those services were suited to what the photographer wanted to offer, not what the couple wanted. David decided to give customers what they wanted, an easy to understand service that gave them David all day for one low cost price, a printable CD of all the photos available within 7-10 days, and a system that allowed the couples to view and share photos and an option for them to buy prints and canvasses that were printed at a professional laboratory, but only if they wanted to. All the other services like DVD slideshows, photo books and prints are now all optional and he knows that some couples have still been happy to pay David to let him use his expertise to produce some of these service options himself and deliver a professional result, but only if they choose to.

David points to his last wedding as testament to getting it right and having happy and satisfied customers. Not only were they happy with the quality of the photos and the professional and personable service they received on the day, but just three days after the wedding, David was able to text the bride to tell her that all the galleries were available on-line to be viewed, and they were viewed – by the bride and groom on their honeymoon in Turkey! Love it or hate it, digital photography and the Internet has created demands that we all have to keep up with! “I wouldn’t say I have revolutionised wedding photography” says David “but I certainly think my approach has got more of a future than just resisting any changes, but only time will tell!”

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David’s background

David Adams has a long and distinguished background in photography that has included managing the Photographic Imaging Department providing imaging services to the 'The Mirror', 'The Sunday People' and 'The Sunday Mirror' newspaper for the last 17 years. David established himself as the companies photographic 'expert' on image quality, on-line digital photo work-flows and digital print fulfillment, he dealt with all the national picture desks, editorial and professional photographers which also included managing a conventional ‘black and white’ darkroom providing film processing and hand prints for 'The Independent' newspaper. In 2008, he was responsible for an industry leading online marketing photo sales best practice that made it possible for it’s UK based regional newspaper businesses to make their photos available to buy online through e-commerce sales portals, which had a positive impact on the sales figures. He also owns another business - Camera2Client from t-photos which provides wedding and events photographers with a complete on line sales, marketing and proofing solution allowing them to sell their photos on-line at

David has had his photos published in 'The Wharf' newspaper and he was finally able to fulfill a long term dream of pursuing photography full time when he set up in 2008