My 15 Tips for choosing the right photographer

My 15 Tips for choosing the right wedding photographer

Tip 1 - Do they just do Wedding Photography?

Are they thinking about you or the studio job they are doing Monday? ...more

Tip 2 - What style are you looking for?

Formal, informal or story telling? ...more

Tip 3 - Referrals & Testimonials

Are they really any good? ...more

Tip 4 - Price?

Does paying top dollar guarantee quality? ...more

Tip 5 - See the full portfolio

Look at all my great photos...! ...more

Tip 6 - Talk to that photographers last Bride & Groom

What was the photographer really like? ...more

Tip 7 - How quickly do I get my photos?

I know some couples have waited months! ...more

Tip 9 - What photos will I get?

How do I know I'm going to get what I asked for? ...more

Tip 12 - What do I get in my 'package'?

Choose the 'Gold' Package...? ...more

Tip 13 - Does the photographer have a back up?

Back up equipment and a back up photographer? ...more

Tip 14 - What if it doesn't go to plan?

Aunt Edna was in the loo and missed the main photo! ...more